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Find out more about SUSMAGPRO, meet the partners and get involved at various events!

Upcoming events
03.09.2023. - 07.09.2023. in Birmingham, United Kingdom
REPM 2023 Birmingham on blue background

REPM 2023

REPM 2023, co-organised by SUSMAGPRO partner University of Birmingham, brings together scientists and engineers working on rare-earth permanent magnets and their applications.
Past events
07.10.2020. - 08.10.2020.

KONGRESS BW - 9th Resource Efficiency and Recycling Congress Baden-Wuerttemberg - Online Event

The leading platform for information, innovation and transformation in the field of resource efficiency and circular economy - in the region of Baden-Wuerttemberg and beyond! This year, SUSMAGPRO Project Coordinator Prof. Carlo Burkhardt will be attending the online event, contributing to the discussion around raw materials supply.

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