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28.09.2020. - 09.10.2020.
Saarbrücken, Germany

European School on Magnetism (ESM2020)

Like previous editions of ESM, the 2020 School aims at providing a thorough understanding of magnetism based on a broad series of fundamental lectures, while offering the latest insights into up-to-date aspects of magnetism with lectures focusing on a special topic. The topic covered in 2020 is Magnetism and Societal Challenges. By covering a wide range of fundamental and functional phenomena, it will be crtically evaluated how the use magnetism addresses societal challenges.The 2020 School will have a special format to achieve this objective, sharing time between academic lectures and project work in small teams.

The School is aimed at young scientists, mainly PhD students and post-docs, both experimentalists and theoreticians. It will consist of an eleven-day training of lectures and practicals provided by prominent scientists active in today's research, interactive question sessions, student-lead projects, access to a library of magnetism-related books, and industrial contributions.

Find out more on the ESM website.