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18.09.2019. - 19.09.2019.
Milan, Italy

MMA’19 - Magnetic Materials and Applications

Magnetic Materials and Applications (MMA) is an annual two day event on materials and applications organised by the UK Magnetics Society, a not-for-profit mutual organisation that supports magnetics professionals in all fields or countries (no geographical restrictions). The event covers magnetic materials, their applications and related technologies with the aim of creating a rich environment for the creation, development and cementing of relationships within the magnetics community throughout Europe and the UK.

Lydia Pickering of SUSMAGPRO partner University of Birmingham (UoB) will showcase our project with the presentation: "Extraction and Recycling of Rare Earth Magnets: Magnetic Materials Group Pilot Plant Development". The presentation provides an overview of the activities performed by the Magnetic Materials Group at UoB on recycling rare earth permanent magnets based on NdFeB and details SUSMAGPRO as one of the main projects UoB is currently involved with. The final part of the presentation discusses the plans for the SUSMAGPRO pilot plant development at UoB. You can find more information on the SUSMAGPRO plants aiming  to identify, separate, reprocess and reuse RE-magnets at a pilot scale across here.

This year's MMA is held in partnership with Laboratorio Elettrofisico as part of their 60th anniversary celebrations, and also joined by the EU funded NOVAMAG project, for their closure event.

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