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Roadshow Stop

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07.09.2023. - 08.09.2023.
University of Birmingham & ZF HUB UK

SUSMAGPRO Roadshow goes UK 2023

Simply attractive: Why do magnets matter?

In our everyday lives, we deal with magnets on a daily basis - and not just on the doors of our refrigerators. Our modern lives are defined by the use of highly efficient technology that requires rare earth magnets - for example in headphones and speakers of smartphones and laptops. So-called permanent magnets are also necessary components of wind turbines and motors of e-cars and are therefore of strategic importance for the energy transition. However, rare earths used to make these magnets, such as neodymium and dysprosium, are considered critical raw materials with a high supply risk and their current extraction and transformation methods damage the environment. 

With an interactive roadshow, project partners of the European project SUSMAGPRO show which challenges and solutions exist with regard to a more sustainable supply chain for rare earth magnets in Europe. 

On 7th September, in the frame of REPM 2023, the SUSMAGPRO roadshow is coming to the University of Birmingham, and on 8th September, it will stop at ZF HUB UK at Blythe Valley Park Shirley. 

Join us for a treasure hunt in electric waste, a motor building competition, magnetic demonstrations and an interactive exhibition!

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