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3 March 2020
Berlin, Germany

49th meeting of the German industry working group on legally compliant environmental management in the electronics industry

Since 2004, the German industry working group Legally Compliant Environmental Management in the Electronics Industry (in German: Industrie-Arbeitskreis Rechtskonformes Umweltmanagement in der Elektronikindustrie) has been dealing with current changes in legislation and the resulting consequences for manufacturers and the supply chain in the electronics industry. Experts from authorities, law firms, associations and companies discuss the current state of affairs with you and point out strategies for dealing with the requirements.

At the meetings, the current status of national and international legislation in the field of environment and electronics will be dealt with, methods and tools for the development of environmentally friendly products up to the declaration of ingredients will be presented and explained using examples. In this way, the participants prepare themselves for the development and production of directive-compliant products in the long term.

Topics discussed in March 2020: Ecodesign Work Plan 2020-24, ECHA SCIP database development status, Amendment of the Batteries Act, RoHS consultation on the restriction of antimony trioxide, TBBPA and MCCPs, Recycling of neodymium iron boron magnets, Lamps in the WEEE and ElektroG, Circular Economy Action Plan.

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