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Conference / Exhibition

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02.07.2023. - 05.07.2023.
Leiden, The Netherlands

11th International Conference on Industrial Ecology

The theme of this year's conference is Transitions in a world in turmoil. The way we use energy and resources in our present system is not sustainable. Major changes are necessary in our energy system to make it climate-neutral. At the same time our use of land, water and material resources needs to change dramatically to become sustainable. To avoid further deterioration of nature and our environment and resource supply constraints we must move toward a circular economy, while at the same time ensuring equitable transitions. The Covid19 crisis and the Russian aggression in Ukraine have changed the geopolitical context in which these transitions will have to take place. This offers both challenges and opportunities.

More information as well as the full conference programme can be found on the event website

SUSMAGPRO will be represented by project partner Leiden University, one of the main organiser of the conference. The Industrial Ecology department is a pioneer in the development of Life Cycle Assessment, and has extensive expertise in the methodological development of tools like Life Cycle Sustainability Analysis, Life Cycle Costing, Material Flow Analysis and Environmentally Extended Input-Output analysis. In SUSMAGPRO, the team of Leiden University assesses the technologies developed within the project and advises on the most environmentally promising development options.