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22.02.2022. - 23.02.2022.

PM magnets, bulk metallic glasses, and extreme application materials

The 2022 Functional Materials Seminar will be devoted to some important families of materials and applications, namely “PM magnets, bulk metallic glasses, and extreme application materials”. Three families that have some overlaps and are very central in the quest towards efficient production, transportation and use of energy that is and will be the challenge for Europe to support the EU Green Deal. 

Magnets are increasingly important as they are a key part of the electrical revolution, and they are to a great extent (almost all hard magnets, and a fraction of the soft magnets) produced with powder metallurgical processes. Furthermore, the attention also from the institutional stakeholders in Europe is nowadays very strong as the supply chain is critically dependent on supply from China. 

Metallic glasses are a class of materials that exhibit surprising properties, both mechanical (e.g. elasticity) and physical (e.g. magnetic characteristics). They are also suitable to be shaped by PM and show great potential of application. 

PM can also obtain other special materials (and shapes) for challenging environments like in nuclear plants or high temperature/corrosion processes, for instance oxidation resistant alloys, radiation shields, etc. 

In addition to the lectures, the seminar will also feature a discussion, focused on “Functional Materials and Sustainability”. This will help highlight priorities, possible developments, and applications, etc., also in view of the upcoming funding opportunities.

SUSMAGPRO will be represented by partners MPT and HSPF with presentations on Production of complex shaped NdFeB permanent magnets via Metal Injection Molding and Powder preparation for the production of recycled high-performance NdFeB based permanent magnets. 

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