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MIMplus Webinar with SUSMAGPRO

In the frame of SUSMAGPRO, consortium partner MIMplus Technologies organised a training on the Recycling of NdFeB and Production of Complex New MIM-Magnets.

Metal injection moulding as well as sinter-based additive manufacturing allow the use of a wide range of materials. Especially in the field of difficult-to-machine materials, both processes show their advantages to the fullest. However, development is not yet at an end and new materials are constantly being developed as the example of NdFeB shows.

The webinar dealt with special materials for the metal injection moulding process with a focus on the production of NdFeB magnets with complex geometries from recycled material, as well as from new NdFeB alloys using metal injection moulding.

Topic list:

  • High-end materials for AM and MIM
  • NdFeB, a new material for MIM
  • Recycling of NdFeB magnets
  • AM and MIM as green technologies

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