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01.06.2021. - 02.06.2021.

EPMA: Functional Materials for Energy - Online Event

The seminar organised by the European Powder Metallurgy Association covered the powder based functional materials that are currently used, or will likely be used, in the energy sector. With the ever-increasing push towards greener energy production and distribution, functional materials can be a key field where Europe can innovate and bring even higher efficiencies in all relevant processes, with consequent advantages in terms of environmental impact at all levels.

The energy sector includes materials in raw materials refining, energy production, energy storage and transportation, etc. Thus, catalysers, high temperature, radiation shielding, heat exchangers, energy storage (including hydrogen and solid-state batteries), electrical materials, semi- and superconductors, were all candidates for discussion in the seminar. 

SUSMAGPRO coordinator Prof. Carlo Burkhardt presented about 'Hydrogen Assisted Recycling of Critical Rare Earth Elements for the Energy Sector' and introduced the project. 

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