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Roadshow Stop

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Leiden, The Netherlands

SUSMAGPRO Roadshow at Leiden University

SUSMAGPRO at Leiden University: 

In the frame of the Leiden European City of Science Festival, the H2020 project was showcased in an interactive exhibition on campus at the Insitute of  Environmental Sciences (CML) on 7th June 2022. Visitors had the opportunitiy all about rare earth magnets, why they are essential to our modern lives, the challenges connected to them and which solutions SUSMAGPRO provides. Experts in the field offered dedicated tours and lectures including hands-on activities addressing various subjects such as chemistry, sustainability, environment or technology.

Project partners further demonstrated a pilot process developed in the project on site: the automated identification and separation of rare earth magnets from electronic waste, especially hard disk drives. For this innovative process, partner RISE has developed a series of sensors and a magnetic scanner. They were integrated into an automated separation system by INSERMA, including further steps such as a robotic sorting line and an alligator cutter, which separates the part entailing the magnet. The current target waste streams are hard disk drives; extension to further products like loudspeakers or electrical motors is planned. The entire system is built inside a container, making it easy to transport. This way, it can be used on site for example at server farms for data destruction and simultaneous magnet recycling. 

Date & Time: 7th June 2022, 10:00 - 20:00

Location: Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML) Leiden University, Van Steenis Building, Einsteinweg 2, Leiden

Programme of the day:

SUSMAGPRO Roadshow Programme Leiden 2022