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28 June 2022
Start time:
End time:
Berlin, Germany

EIT RawMaterials Expert Forum 2022: Magnets Matter

Addressing the topic “Magnets Matter! Permanent Magnets to Enable a Green Transition in Europe”, this unique workshop will cover advances in technology, innovation, integration, and circular economy of permanent magnets in Europe. Whether rare-earth-based or rare-earth-free, permanent magnets are crucial components to achieve the Green Transition in the EU, responding to the substantial increase in demand. The workshop will address the following issues, inviting key players from the academic and industrial fields:  

  • Advances in technological permanent magnets (PMs): rare earth-based and rare earth-free PMs. 
  • Perspectives to improve rare-earth-based PM materials and innovation in rare-earth-free PMs. 
  • EU initiatives addressing criticality in PMs. 
  • An industrial perspective – Integration in products: present and future of the PM sector in Europe.  
  • Circular economy of magnets: recycling, design of materials and products.

SUSMAGPRO will be represented by project coordinator Prof. Carlo Burkhardt, speaking about recycling, design of materials and products. 

Registrations to the EIT RawMaterials Expert Forum are open!