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Kongresni trg, Ljubljana

E-Waste Day with ZEOS in Ljubljana

The 14th October is International E-Waste Day - a day to raise awareness of the precious resources lost when we do not recycle our electronic goods. According to the WEEE Forum, up to 1.4 kg of e-waste per inhabitant ends up in the general waste bin in Europe every year. In addition, Europeans hoard up to 5kg of e-devices per person in their drawers, cupboards and dark corners. This means that the valuable raw materials contained in them are lost. 

In support of this day, SUSMAGPRO joined forces with ZEOS and other organisations in Ljubljana to promote recycling of e-waste with a fun and educational event. It took place in the city centre and offered a variety of interactive activities and exhibition pieces around e-waste. 

The SUSMAGPRO stand featured a virtual reality project exhibition including the container pilot plant, a display of End of Life (EoL) electronics and information on how to dismantle them, and a presentation of the recycling process employed in SUSMAGPRO. The project was represented by Benjamin Podmiljsak of  partner Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI). 

Find out more about their role in SUSMAGPRO: 

ZEOS brought their E-transformer 2.0, a special vehicle they created in the frame of the first Life project. It basically constitutes a travelling classroom, which reveals visitors the secrets of electrical and electrionc equipment with the help of a number of appliances such as a TV set, an LCD screen, mobile phones,batteries, lamps and more.  

Image: © ZEOS