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Rare earths are critical raw materials essential for our modern, high-tech lifestyle and key to achieving the green energy transition. They are used to produce strong permanent magnets, which are necessary parts of many products we use on a daily basis, such as washing machines, flatscreens, loudspeakers and more, but also wind turbines or motors of electric vehicles.

Still, not many people know a lot about them. Raising awarenss around these materials, their significance for our modern life and the challenges connected to their supply is therefore one of the important tasks tackled by the SUSMAGPRO consortium.

To do just that, Filippo Bartolozzi of Italian project partner B&C Speakers visited his former high school on 16th March and held 6 hours of classes for 18 and 19 year old students, covering a variety of important issues ranging from the effects of climate change and the need for a green transition to rare earth elements and why they are so important in this context. Both teachers and students showed great interest and follow-up activities are already in the pipeline. 

Other partners such as Pforzheim University have also planned similar activities. 

If you are a teacher or working in the education sector and would like to receive information and materials on the topics mentioned, feel free to contact us.

Filippo Bartolozzi of SUSMAGPRO partner B&C with a school class