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In this week’s main article, 9 leading scholars from China including REIA BOD member Peng Wang investigate potential conflicts between RE demand and supply across ten global regions up to 2050 under four widely recognized climate scenarios. Positioning REIA’s stand on the issue, they boldly state that the current monopolistic structure of the RE supply chain and intensified geopolitical and environmental constraints is a barrier to support ambitious system-wide wind-power deployment. To overcome these RE supply challenges, they highlight the importance of facilitating free trade and diversifying RE production via global cooperation. Other news includes project updates from REIA partners Hexagon Energy Materials, Mkango Resources, Ionic Rare Earths Limited and EIT RawMaterials, two excellent reports from Siemens and Mitsubishi on resistance to demagnetization and engineering challenges of EVs, market updates on REEs and e-mobility, and geopolitical news.


The Rare Earth Industry Association (REIA) is an international non-profit organisation representing the global Rare Earth Elements industry, founded in June 2019 under the auspices of the EIT RawMaterials Internationalisation project GloREIA. Several SUSMAGPRO partners are members and support the development of the association.