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The registration is still open for the REIA webinar on scaling rare earths scheduled for 3 June 2020. In this week’s lead article, Adrián García and co-authors deal with the calcination of a rare earth bearing ore to produce rare earth oxides in a fluidized bed reactor, with the aim of demonstrating the advantage of calcining bigger particles to decompose stable minerals such as monazite by its mineral association within a particle. The study finds that fluidized bed is a promising reactor for the calcination of a rare earth bearing ore. Other news include project updates from REIA members USA Rare Earth, Mkango and Arafura, a market report by Transport and Environment on the impact of COVID on the EU electric car market and investment trend, other news updates on e-mobility, an excellent article jointly written by Henrik Poulsen, Mads Niper and Lars Jorgensen CEOs of Ørsted, Grundfos and Novo Nordisk on climate target and reports on geopolitical developments.


The Rare Earth Industry Association (REIA) is an international non-profit organisation representing the global Rare Earth Elements industry, founded in June 2019 under the auspices of the EIT RawMaterials Internationalisation project GloREIA. Several SUSMAGPRO partners are members and support the development of the association.