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07.06.2023. - 09.06.2023.
Falmouth, Cornwall

Sustainable Minerals '23

The 8th International Symposium on Sustainable Minerals (Sustainable Minerals '23), is organised by MEI in consultation with Prof Markus Reuter, and is sponsored by Promet101.

The rapid growth of the world economy is straining the sustainable use of the Earth’s natural resources due to modern society’s extensive use of metals, materials and products. An astute and conscious application and use of metals, materials and products supported by the reuse and recycling of these materials and end-of-life products is imperative to the preservation of the Earth’s resources. The realisation of the ambitions of sustainable use of metals, materials and resources demands that the different disciplines of the material and consumer product system are connected and harmonised. This conference will discuss all aspects of material and metal usage, including, but not limited to, Clean Technology, Environmental Impact Assessment Methodologies and Recycling Technologies. 

Further information can be found on the event website