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21 November 2019
Brussels, Belgium

REIA Conference on REE Sustainability and Criticality

The Rare Earth Industry Association (REIA) was launched in Brussels in June 2019. The event is organised as part of the REIA outreach programme, which is supported by the EIT RawMaterials. The objective of REIA is the development of an integrated, transparent, sustainable and de‐risked value chain for various REE material products.

The goal of the REIA Conference on REE Sustainability and Criticality is to facilitate a round‐table discussion on a sustainable and transparent supply chain, REE demand for electrification and new energy, technology trends in e‐drives, and the recycling potential of magnet materials. In this context, the use of lifecycle assessment (LCA) for measuring the sustainable production potential of ‘mine to magnet’ will also be addressed.

Prof. Dr. Carlo Burkhardt, SUSMAGPRO Coordinator (Pforzheim University) and Dr. Vicky Mann of SUSMAGPRO partner University of Birmingham (UoB) will present our project and its solutions for the sustainable processing of rare earth materials.

All invited stakeholders have vested interests in increasing transparency within the REE‐related value chains. The access to clear market information should lead to the optimised use of resources, and eventually result in reduced price‐volatility risks and improved security of planning.

The event is part of the EU Raw Materials Week organised by the European Commission.