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Conference / Exhibition

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13 - 16 June 2021
Moena, Italy

IEEE Advances in Magnetics 2020

IEEE AIM 2020 will be the third edition of the conference Advances in Magnetics, organized by IEEE Italy Section and its Magnetics Chapter. Previous AIM conferences took place in Bormio (2016) and La Thuile (2018). It will represent a forum for presentation and discussion of the most recent advancements in all the fields of Magnetics: theory, numerical modeling, experiments and applications. The event is open to experts and scientists with different backgrounds (engineers, physicists, mathematicians, material scientists, chemists, biologists, etc.) to present, discuss, exchange ideas, methods and results.

Technical sessions:

  • Biomagnetism and biomedical applications
  • Magnetic recording, magnetic memories and sensors
  • Magnetic materials for energy applications
  • Additive manufacturing of magnetic materials
  • Spin waves and magnonics
  • Spintronics, multiferroics and voltage control of magnetism
  • Spin-orbit torque
  • Skyrmions
  • Mathematical modeling and micromagnetics
  • Macroscale modeling of magnetic and multifunctional materials and devices
  • FORC-based identification techniques
  • Advanced measurement techniques
  • Electromagnetic non-destructive testing
  • Magnetic levitation and bearings, electrical machines and other electromagnetic devices
  • Artificial intelligence, optimization and inverse problems

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